Review Policy

I would be happy to read and review your book. I prefer print copies, paperback or hard cover doesn’t matter to me. I rarely read e-books, they tend to give me headaches. But I know shipping is expensive especially to Canada.

Any review will be my honest opinion, I try very hard to have a fair review, including the good and the bad. I have no desire to be mean, I try my best to be fair to the author, after all it is their work, even if it wasn’t for me.

I am a mood reader, so if you have a time frame in mind please let me know right off the bat.

I also tend to write shorter reviews so keep that in mind. Fell free to read a few of my past reviews to see how I typically go about it.

As for the genres I read, I like to think a little bit of everything but not quite. I like:

  • literary fiction
  • horror/thrillers
  • poetry
  • manga/graphic novels
  • satire
  • Once in a while YA
  • non-fiction/memoir
  • magical realism (depending on the book)

I won’t review:

  • Romance
  • Historical fiction (at this time)
  • Religion
  • Fantasy (at this time)

I’m just not the right blogger for those genres.

If you aren’t sure feel free to ask, I know a lot of the time books are hard to put in one genre.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a request you can use the contact form here.

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