Books of every size, shape, colour and genre are welcome…but no e-Books

So this blog is pretty simple I typically only have one thing to discuss with you guys and that is books. I love doing book reviews and talking about them there are so many different perspectives when it comes to reading. I’ll try and do some book type discussions too, probably what ever is annoying me at that time and I’ll be looking for some outside opinions.

So what kind of books do I like? Well thank you for asking. I know this is going to sound like a cop out but I really do read a bit of everything. I know I know all bookworms say that… And you know it’s probably true. I definitely go through spurts, but I love a good mystery/thriller, and I get pretty addicted to memoirs as well. I read a very little bit of YA I tend to be pretty picky about those, but I’ll try reading most stuff. The only thing on here you won’t ever see I’m guessing would be romance it’s just not for me to completely honest. You would have to do some really impressive convincing for me to want to pick up that book.

I’m hoping to get into some more weekly posts or maybe some wrap-ups or book hauls, but we will just have to see where the book blog takes us.

16 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi, I have just found your blog. It looks awesome, I followed you 🙂 would you mind checking my blog and maybe follow back?


  2. Hello!
    I am a book lover as well. I’m just curious – why no eBooks?
    I love the weight of a “real” book in my hands, but recently I’ve been loving my Kindle. I find it convenient to download books with a click (instead of going all the way of the bookstore! Maybe I am just lazy, haha…)


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  3. Hiya! Thanks for leading me to your blog.
    I love how minimalistic it is! 🙂
    And yeah – I also tend to read a bit of everything just like you. Though I’m mostly into fantasy. I can also understand how you’re not into romance but I think you’ll read some really good ones if only you were more into YA/contemporary too. What is it that you’re looking for in romance books anyway?

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    1. Thanks I like to keep it simple:) I have haven’t read a full romance book. Mainly because if I’m reading and I find the romance to much of a major plot point I find it sort of annoying. I like it too be more in the background, not what is driving the story forward.


  4. You know ebook is useful when you are on the go. It’s not heavy to carry. I like to read ebook when I wait in line. It’s easy to flip out and put away. I don’t know if it looks rude to the cashier if we open our books to read while waiting in line. If I open my phone to read, they just thought I check facebook haha..

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      1. Do you read on mobile phone or tablet? maybe tablet should help. Also, read in daylight or with the light on helps reduce the headache too. I get a bit of headache as well.

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