🍁Forbidden by F. Stone



I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Forbidden is the story of a Canadian paramedic who goes over to the Middle East for some volunteer work. There is an attack and Eliza is the only survivor. The story follows her attempt to stay alive and to try and help find out who is responsible, along with a local sheriff.

This may sound like a stereotypical thriller…..It is not. Moving the story over to the Middle East adds a lot to the story line. One of my favourite aspects was the sheriff and his relationship with his Muslim faith. The things he may need to do to survive are in conflict with his fundamental beliefs. It is great to see a story written about a Muslim in a positive light. I haven’t read a lot about the Middle East, but especially with the political climate right now, we need to see more Muslims in our media.

Another aspect that I thought was good to include was PTSD. The main character, Eliza, is fighting with her PTSD triggers throughout the novel. This seemed realistic to me, for someone who has not gone through it myself that is. She talks about her triggers, and the tools she uses to try and keep them at bay. PTSD I think is typically overlooked, it’s a very real problem for people. I liked that it was throughout the entire book not just for a convenient plot point.

There is a bit of romance in here. I would say that it is secondary to the main thriller plot line. But I would also say that this is about as close as I would like to get to a full romance. I knew it would be there going in so it didn’t take anything away from the book, and it was fairly subtle. I would say to keep that in mind going in though.

I have very few complaints about this book. There was one plot point near the end that seemed pretty convenient to me, but I was so hooked on the story it didn’t really bother me. It took me about 50 pages to become enveloped in the story, but then I was completely hooked. At the beginning I had some troubles keeping track of which characters’ thoughts we were following, but once I got into the groove it got easier.

Overall I was hooked on this book( hey that rhymes) and read it in two days. If you are looking for a thriller with a different twist, this might be the book for you. Also I think because of all the action, this would make a good movie.


11 thoughts on “🍁Forbidden by F. Stone”

  1. This sounds pretty interesting! Reading about characters who are going through PTSD is probably very traumatic in itself but an eye-opener for those of us who have never experienced it before. I like that the romance is very subtle and secondary. It’s probably my favorite kind when it comes to these genres, as it doesn’t take away the focus from the real story.
    Great review! 🙂

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