🍁One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul

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Yay more CanLit. Some nonfiction this time around.

This is a non-fiction book written by a woman who grew up in Canada with parents form India. She touches on many subjects, ranging from : drinking problems, racism, sexism, rape culture. With some hilarious stories thrown it.

I really enjoyed this book. Although I had no internet at the time, so the only thing I had to do at home was read really. So that may be why I read it in I think two sittings (girls gotta eat). She brings and interesting perspective to a lot of the same conversations happening. Sexism, yes but she also compares sexism in Canada (still a problem obviously) to sexism in India when she went back for weddings. I found her point of view interesting, because it is similar to my own being Canadian and a similar age. But I’m pretty much as white as you can get so the immigrant parents and different colour skin is out of my area of expertise. I personally like reading memoirs written by people of different colour or religion. It is one thing to understand life is different for us, and know it must have challenges but I’m sure I just don’t understand. But when you read a memoir it can really put you in their shoes to and help me understand life is probably easier for me and to try and understand what others go through.

One thing I found interesting is that the book doesn’t put a race spin on all things problematic. She talks about several issues with may causes. Obviously there is no perfect country with no racism…I wish. Although she does talk about her experiences with racism though. Something I really enjoyed about the book is it felt neutral. Yes, society has very major flaws. But she doesn’t seem to be playing the blame game, just discusses the problems she sees, and why they need to be changed.

Her writing feels very honest, as she talks very openly about her own problems. She talks about seeing a close friend in university, falling down a slippery slope of drinking for fun and loosing control. She also evaluates why she drinks and how it can be hard to tell what your reasons are and where the fun stops and the problem starts.

This is a great book for men and women. She talks about familiar subjects, but obviously they still need to be talked about. What a good way to discuss serious problems, add a little humour, because life has funny moments in with the bad too.

What kind of nonfiction have you guys been reading lately?


18 thoughts on “🍁One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul”

  1. Ohh, I do like how you’re putting more light on them CanLit! This sounds like a very insightful memoir. My parents are actually Indian as well, while I’m born in Canada. I wonder how much I can relate to the things she talks about (I don’t have any real knowledge about my parents hometown though, so those segments might be quite interesting!). Great review! 😉

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  2. hoho first I’ve got to say that title is… well I don’t actually know what to say about that title 😉 I really, really love the sound of this book though- especially in it being more neutral and it sounds like it’s pretty balanced. Obviously like you said, there’s no ideal country without any racism, but I’m glad she doesn’t play the blame game and just addresses the problems as she sees it. Awesome review!! This is going on my tbr for sure!!

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  3. Sounds good. You could say I’ve found nonfiction this year, when I read The Radium Girls. Been reading more of it after that. Before I almost didn’t read any. Now I do appreciate reading memoirs as well, and especially as you say – memoirs of someone from a very different social and cultural group than me. The more different, the more I get to learn and the more interesting it is. I might give this one a go too, it sounds good.

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    1. I used to only read fiction then I picked up a book that was the book club book and it got me hooked on non fiction. The one that got me hooked was Wild by Cheryl Strayd. If you ever want a memoir suggestion let me know 🙂


      1. Awesome 🙂 I love pretty much any memoir that talks about hardship (only because it’s a celeb is not quite my thing). I’ve recently read a really good one, “Dear Reflection: I never meant to be a rebel” – have you heard about that one?

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