🍁Winter Cranes by Chris Banks

Winter Cranes


Another collection of poetry for you guys. In my search to expand my poetry reading and Canadian literature, I landed on this book.

This was a really good collection of poetry. As like with all collections, some were better than others, but over all this is a four star book for me. One of my favourite part of his writing is his descriptions, they are beautiful. When he describes the scenery, it feel like home for me. It felt so familiar hearing him describe Canada. I have become so used to reading books from other countries, it’s nice to see some of your home scenery in a book.

I might be slightly biased, but overall I would recommend this. No matter where you are from you can see the beauty in his writing. I think everyone can get something out of this collection

On a completely side note and probably irrelevant, don’t read a poetry collection in large print…. Even if it’s the only copy your library system has. It messes with the timing and rhythm of the whole thing. Just makes it’s a little awkward all around. Random fact for you guys.

Do you guys have any other poetry suggestions for me? 


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