Do Graphic Novels and Manga Count?


Just wanted to ask you guys your opinion on something. When you look at your reading count and your goals, do you include graphic novels and manga?

Part of me feels a little guilty counting them – it takes an hour to read and it counts for another book read. There is a big difference between reading 2 novels and 2 comics. I will say that there is definitely something to be taken away when you read GF’s. It is, I think, a type of literature. I just have a hard time comparing GF’s with say something written by Harper Lee for example. I am fairly new to reading them so maybe I still feel like they are comic books that 8 year old boys read and not graphic novels.

In my New Years resolution goals I was specific, saying how many books I wanted to read not including any GF’s. But do you guys count them or do you distinguish?


34 thoughts on “Do Graphic Novels and Manga Count?”

  1. I count them 🙂 I also count short stories. I like to track everything on GR so I can look back at the end of the year. Reading is reading, no matter how big or small. Plus I find it fun to see where my preferences seem to have been each year. In all reality, I think there is no right or wrong. It is a personal choice 🙂

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  2. I pick up a graphic novel/manga occasionally, but although they’re pretty short, I think they are still classified as books :). My favorite is Maximum Ride, if you haven’t checked it out you should give it a try!

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    1. I am fairly new to graphic novels. I do really enjoy them but I will read them once in a while. I get a sort of craving for one when I’m not in the mood for a novel. I’m not sure what types of books you like but I really enjoyed Saga, I read the first few volumes. I had only heard good reviews before I started that series.

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      1. I think it would be a good one for you to give a try, it’s more of a science fiction I guess. I don’t normally read that genre so maybe novel preferences don’t make as much of a difference when it comes to graphic novels.

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      2. No none of the old kinds, I tried a couple of times like watchman, and a spiderman one. I couldn’t get into them, just not for me. The last unicorn has amazing art in it, for a younger audience but I still really enjoyed it.

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  3. I realize I am a bit late to this discussion, but…

    Count them. Trust me, in a decade or so, you’ll wish you had counted them and reviewed them. I didn’t use to count them, because I felt exactly like you. It was “cheating”. But in ’08 when the economy tanked and my job went part time and I had lots of extra time, I started reading a LOT of manga from the library. I think between ’08-11 I went through several hundred volumes. I did record them, but I never rated or reviewed them and now, I really wish I had. Because I can’t remember for the life of me what I thought of series X.

    And that is part of why I do Manga Monday now. I want people to think about manga as not just for kids but as books that have value for various genre lovers.

    /soapbox 😀

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      1. I am falling back in love with some great indie comics. Have you read any from Image? Brian K. Vaughan and the amazing Fiona Staples do ‘Saga’ and its amazing.

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