Horns by Joe Hill



Sorry for the delay guys I got in for a last minute ankle surgery and have been dealing with that. I should be back to reading more and being able to think straight enough to write again. Well I guess we will see with this post. I guess this is a bit of a disclaimer… don’t judge – I’m still on pain killers.

This book was exactly what I was expecting and just what I was hoping it would be. In case you guys didn’t know Joe Hill is actually Stephen King’s son, so I went into this book expecting quite a bit. I am a big King fan, even though I really haven’t read all that much of his work; but let’s be honest, he writes way too fast to be able to keep up with your regular reading on top of it all. Enough about the father though this is about his son the protege.

The little summary: It focuses around the main character that goes by Ig, one morning after a night of drinking and passing out he awoke with horns growing from his temples. Your learn the back story of his girlfriend being raped and murdered, to which he was the primary suspect. His parents helped the charges go away, which only made public opinion worse for him. He was stuck in his own personal hell, that was until the horns grew and with what came with them. Everything starts to change.

I really, really enjoyed this book. I don’t want to spend the whole review telling you how it is or isn’t like his father’s work, but I couldn’t help but compare while reading. This book is fast paced for the most part, and had me completely hooked from the first page. It starts with a bang, and kept me turning pages. The plot itself was very intriguing: I just wanted to know why, how, and where this was going. That isn’t to say that the characters weren’t extremely well done. Hill took his time to give proper background – it really lets you get into their psyche….whether you want to or not. Although it may not be the most original idea, I really enjoyed getting their back story in tidbits after the main plot was already moving along. I like to have questions and then figure them out later on.

Now a little bit of a comparison to Stephen King. I could definitely see the influence he has had on his writing style. But to me looking at it like that it felt like I was reading Stephen King lite. I found, plot wise, if you were looking for it, you could see similar turns that you would come to expect from his dad’s writing. As well as the way he writes characters, which is definitely a compliment if you ask me. I find for both authors the plot is well done. But the characters are the real selling point for me; they are in depth without being boring. I would say he is most definitely a talented author in his own right, but I can see some influence from his father.

I would recommend this book, especially to anyone who is a fan of Stephen King. That being said anyone who likes a good horror (this could even be considered fantasy I believe), I think could really enjoy this book. It’s interesting, suspenseful at times. Even though it is considered horror, it is not a gory book by any means.

I would like to try another Joe Hill book, I was considering NOS4A2. If any of you guys have read it or have an opinion about any of his books let me know what you thought.


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