Seriously, Why Am I The Weird One For Reading?


Okay so this has been driving me nuts for a very long time. Why do people think it’s odd to enjoy reading? I mean I know it isn’t for everyone, and people all have their own hobbies, but is it just me or does it seem like no one reads anymore. When I was a kid and reading it wasn’t as odd to me that kids would rather play than read (built up energy and lots of distractions and what not) I get that. But now as an adult why is there an almost pregnant pause when I tell someone that I read lots? I know I’m not the only one out there, but man it feels like it sometimes. I have narrowed it down to a few main reasons that I have heard repeatedly: Too busy, it’s boring, I can just watch the movie, and in some cases it isn’t “cool” seems it’s just for the nerds.

The most common reply I reply I get to the why-don’t-you-read question is: I just don’t see to have time. Realistically you aren’t that busy, judging by how much time is spend binge watching Netflix. Peoples schedules aren’t as busy as they would let on. If you watch two episodes of The Walking Dead I can read about 100 pages of a book, so it should only take a few days to finish off a book. Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix too, I just don’t watch it everyday. In some cases I understand the business:  you have kids and work and a social life. Shit gets busy fast. Also I have no kids and that idea scares the crap out of me; way to much to do all at once and from I can see a slight lack of freedom ( I know I have been told it’s all worth it). I know everyone has stuff going on in their lives. If not for enjoyment maybe for your mental health, I think it’s in everyones best interest to put in a little time to read once and a while. Hey, they have done studies you live longer!!

Another common reply is that they find it boring, and depending on the book they could be completely right. Realistically that could just be their opinion; I find lots of other peoples hobbies and past times boring as shit. But when I think of kids, all most all kids, from a very young age love books being read to them, so guess my question is: when did the change happen? I read in elementary school, I read in high school and I continue to read into my adulthood. Perhaps for some adults, they stopped reading when the schooling was done. Was it that teachers and homework ruined reading for them? I’m the first one to admit I loved reading the book for school but had zero interest in analyzing it to death: either I like it or I didn’t, who wants to pick it apart? Judging by how this paragraph is going I think I may have brought up more questions than I answered.

The next reasoning I hear and this one is probably the most annoying to any bookworm is: well I watched the movie. And to this my normal response would be AHHHHHHHHHHH, IT’S NOT THE SAME!!!!!! To be honest there is just no reasoning with these people, and I have no excuses for them. I just can’t understand them and if I’m honest with myself I probably don’t want to. You never know what’s contagious these days. To be honest here if you look at it from a numbers point of view  you just can’t get multiple hours of reading all crammed into a two hour movie. Take The Martian for example it takes average 5 hours and 28 minutes to read, unless you’re my boyfriend then it takes 6 months,  and all that in condensed into a 2 hour and 31 minute viewing experience ( I googled that shit). I have read the book ( I loved it!!) and I have watched the movie and guess what they missed stuff, simply put it’s just not the same. When you watch the movie you are now watching multiple peoples interpretations on the story not the creators, I will always strongly recommend to read the book first.

It is not unusual for me to ask someone if they have read anything good and their response to be, “well I don’t really read”. To a huge bookworm and nerd that is pretty much mind blowing. From some, the general attitude was like I was being uncool in high school, which I admittedly was at that time. I am hoping it is just the general opinion of my town and that the perhaps the more cultured cities don’t see it as an archaic pastime. Although my hopes for this aren’t high, I rarely hear of see people discussing a book it’s always t.v. shows and movies. This is the reason I called my blog the lost art of reading.

If you guys have any opinions about it let me know, or if you’re a little more understanding than me that’s cool to. Of course there is no actual judging if you read or not just thought it would be a good conversation to have.


4 thoughts on “Seriously, Why Am I The Weird One For Reading?”

  1. Be glad you have a boyfriend that Reads at all
    I still attest that audiobooks count
    Talking to me while I’m loading the dishwasher is like me talking to you when you have your nose in a book
    To me reading is a luxury
    I fantasize about going on a reading vacation some day
    I’ve heard of them, I have never done it
    It sounds like heaven
    I used to read until the sun came up when I lived at home still and had few responsibilities
    I feel like
    I should eat better
    I should exercise
    I should read
    I should garden
    I enjoy them all
    When I gardened or cleaned house, reading during the afterglow of satisfied accomplishment was my reward
    I am just starting to take back time and space for myself again
    I regret having given it up in the first place
    No one took my time
    I gave it away freely

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  2. Ahh yes I agree with this so much- so few people get it!! And it’s not just that they don’t read- it’s that they don’t get why I would. And they don’t get how I find the time- I want to say “you know that time when you’re mindlessly scrolling through your phone on the tube or at lunch… that’s when I’m reading…” But of course I don’t cos I’m not actually that rude 😉 Still it would be nice if I didn’t have to explain myself all the time! Also no one seems to understand that me holding a book and looking at the pages means “I’m busy, go away!” not “come and talk to me I’m clearly doing nothing” Ahh bookworm problems! 😉


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