Why Book Clubs Suck


Okay just to start things off with my first post I figured I would piss some people off if possible, you’re supposed to start with a bang right? I know there are a ton and I mean a ton of book clubs out there and some people really get into them, and that’s great…. But not my personal experience. So with all the book clubs available, groups of friends, local library and there are more and more people who are going online to join, why is it that I seem to be of the opinion that they suck? Well let me tell you.

I have really only had a couple of experiences with book clubs and I really hated them both to be completely honest, hence my concrete opinion of their suckage (shut-up auto-correct suckage is a word ask anyone…except maybe the people at oxford… or anyone with a dictionary app/google).  So back to my book club failures, my first attempt at a book club was at my local library, they have one set up that everyone is welcome to join and they always have their monthly pick up at the front counter, super convenient for stealing their idea and never going to the meetings. Well I decided that I was going to be a contributing member to this club finally, after reading their choices for the past six months and thought it would be great way to meet people who like to read, as well as hear some opinions about books and writing… Apparently I had high hopes for this meeting. I didn’t want to go all alone so I dragged my friend with me (who also enjoys reading) we talked about how great it would be to have people to discuss books with and something to hold us accountable (sometimes you need a little push). We went to the monthly meeting and there were two other women there who were able to make it that night, I never found out how many are actually involved in this little process, the book for the next month had already been chosen there was a small stack of books in the middle of the table, and there was complete and utter silence. We sat there looking at the two women hoping for some sort of a lead to how these meetings would be run… well no such luck. After a sufficient amount awkwardness on my part finally the two woman announced the had liked the previous book and then handed out the next months. Well that’s pretty much all there was to it, riveting I know, that shit was pretty crazy for a book club… It’s not like I was expecting fight club or anything but come on I was expecting more than “yeah I liked it… this is next months book” .

Moving on to my second experience of a good reads book club, I figured lots of people, they all seem to comment maybe I could fulfil my book needs online. Once again I was disappointed no body talked to and they all just seemed to be talking about book selections (which weren’t great to begin with) the only reason I stayed in that club for so long was because I couldn’t figure out how to leave…gotta love technology.

I’m sure that if I joined or formed a book club on my own, with people I knew it wouldn’t be the same experience and not complete and utter silence, but then again I have pretty much lost interest in the whole idea at this point. The thing is, I like to read whatever I damn well please, and I don’t want to worry about hurting someones feelings because I didn’t like their pick. I so thoroughly enjoy DNFing books (I stopped forcing myself to read books after graduation) or deciding I’m simply just not in the mood for this right now and you know what that’s O.K. Turns out you can discuss a book you enjoyed with others even if they haven’t read it.

If you guys absolutely love book clubs or despise them let me know about your experiences with them.


3 thoughts on “Why Book Clubs Suck”

  1. Ahh great post!! I get what you mean- I think a lot of book clubs are just designed for people that want to say “yeah I liked it… let’s move on”- that’s why I’m not really interested- you have to find the right people I guess!


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